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"Rhythm Witch: Beat Death" is a game that combines elements of survival with music rhythm. You need to follow the beat of the music to strike, dodge monsters that move and attack in time with the music.


Sibel the Rhythm Witch is a necromancer whose one and only goal is eternal beauty. 


Dyeing her hair, bathing in blood, collecting magic and mystical herbs, modifying her body... She'll do anything if it'll make her more beautiful!


Of course, the hard and dirty work is left to the skeletons she summons. On her quest for beauty, she hears tell of the Deathless Tower, which spawns an endless stream of monsters, and—so the rumor goes—holds a treasure that grants immortality.


If she gets her hands on that treasure, she can stay young and beautiful forever! 


What's there to wait for? 


Skeletons! To the Deathless Tower!


You need to follow the rhythm of the music to strike and accumulate energy to unleash attack skills. Monsters will move and attack in sync with the music beats, allowing you to predict their movement paths and dodge their attacks.


Precise rhythmic strikes will quickly increase your frenzy meter.

When in a frenzy state, you'll receive double beats and can unleash more attacks.

Continuous combos will also boost your attack efficiency, allowing you to unleash powerful attack skills more rapidly.

Platform: Steam、Nintendo Switch.

  • Steam
  • Nintendo Switch

Gameplay Reveal

Gameplay ( in progress )


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