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Dusklight Games Rhythm Game Music Contest 2021


Hello. We are Dusklight Games, former RNOVA Studio who developed rhythm games including Lyrica and Noah’s Bottle.


We are working with Han Chuang Culture and Art Co. Ltd. to develop a brand new rhythm game. If you want your song to be featured in the game, this would be the best opportunity to submit your songs to us!


Event period: 0:00 of 6 October, 2021 to 23:59 of 20 December, 2021 (in Taiwan time UTC+8)


All submissions please send to:



  1. There are 3 categories for submission: “Ethnic vocal songs”, “All vocal songs” and “Instrumental”.

    1. “Ethnic vocal songs”: recognizable portion of lyrics and vocals in Formosan languages

    2. “All vocal songs”: No limitations in song genres and lyrics, however ethnic and fantasy themed elements are preferred

    3. Instrumental: No limitations in song genres, however ethnic and fantasy themed elements are preferred

  2. Participants must own all rights of their submitted songs. Published or released works are also open for submission.

  3. For collaborated songs by 3 individuals or above, a group alias is required.

  4. Participants should attach song files in the email in the format specified below. Participants may submit multiple songs.


Song format:

  1. Audio file in 320kbps mp3 format. (Once accepted, uncompressed wav files will be requested.)

  2. BPM must be in whole numbers. BPM changes are only allowed per bar units, and MIDI with BPM change information must also be included.

  3. Song length must be within 1:40 and 2:50.

  4. Please also include the following information for each submission:

    1. Song title

    2. Composer / artist group alias

    3. Genre

    4. BPM (indicate main BPM if it is variable)

    5. Song description

    6. Lyrics (Include phonetics and translations for Formosan languages. Not applicable for instrumental submissions)

  5. Song illustration files may also be attached. If submitted, participants should own all rights for the song illustration data. Format of illustration data should be in 1024*1024 or above, in PNG (without transparency) or JPG format.


Eligible participants shall receive email notification for the results and song licensing procedures.

Should there be any controversy to different translations of the above regulations, the Chinese version should be taken as the original.

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